Bar-Zvi & Ben-Dov have merged with Herzog Fox & Neeman, Israel's leading law firm.

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Taro Pharmaceuticals

"Bar-Zvi & Ben-Dov provided us with simple solutions to complex problems. They supplied us with a policy for our intercompany transactions that was easy to implement. They were always available at short notice, and were in contact with our accountants whenever necessary to help coordinate solutions."


"Bar-Zvi & Ben-Dov’s interdisciplinary approach and excellent thinking proved beneficial to our supply chain. They provided insights, tax efficient options and deep thinking during the process, and have undertaken multiple transfer pricing projects, all of which have been delivered to the highest economic and legal standards."


"Bar-Zvi & Ben-Dov's deep expertise in transfer pricing, both from a technical and practical perspective, has delivered excellent results. We have been very impressed with the creativity and professionalism of their team."


"We selected Bar-Zvi & Ben-Dov as our transfer pricing consultant, after assessing several leading firms. We felt that they had the capabilities, experience and expertise we were looking for. They provided us outstanding products for our subsidiaries in the US, Japan, and Taiwan, with valuable insights on our business."


"The transfer pricing project performed by Bar-Zvi & Ben-Dov has been a great success both in terms of quality of work and understanding of the business."


"At Bar-Zvi & Ben-Dov, they understand our unique business and industry, and applied transfer pricing accordingly. They were attentive to details, accomplished the project promptly, and assisted us to prepare our transfer pricing documentation."

New Cinema (Crocs rep. in IL, CY and PT)

“We selected Bar-Zvi & Ben-Dov to structure and implement our international transfer pricing projects in Portugal, Cyprus and Israel; their excellent work has also assisted us in supporting our international tax position against the tax authorities."


"Bar-Zvi & Ben-Dov has a rare combination of traits that is instrumental in turning transfer pricing from a burdensome financial task into a creative and beneficial process. They are extremely well organized, diligent and client-focused advisors with deep expertise in the field; They have an ability to grasp the intricacies of specific business structures whilst providing valuable and executable insight. Their services continue to exceed expectations."


"The quality of the study prepared by Bar-Zvi & Ben-Dov is excellent. It was finalized within a very short period of time, and in a very good atmosphere. They did a perfect job, and were there to respond to all my follow up questions."


"We have been using the services of Bar-Zvi & Ben-Dov for Transfer Pricing in the US and Brazil for the last three years. We must emphasize that we enjoy their professional service, quick and update response, and positive attitude. It is a pleasure working with them." 

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